Umutka is a brand that unites people with excellent taste, dedicated to offering novelties in the field of fashion, with enthusiasm.

A zealous, creative and restless group of avant-garde artists and designers of various aspects, who are focusing on the new tendencies of fashion and complements that are closer to the users, motivated by a common space and more conscious of sustainable production.

Our mission

It is to generate a cooperative action uniting emerging and creative craftsmen, artists who we are promoting, and consolidated from our brand, approaching new items created with great dedication and artistic culture.
Our policy of entering market of electronic commerce is realized through the promotion of our exclusive brand, with a clear philosophy: to offer creativity and quality for those who appreciate things that are well made.

Our criterion is adapted to fair trade remunerating the effort and work at a local level for those who are working and collaborating in the production of the items exposed, paying attention to the origin of the materials, with international projection.

Our clients will receive a great product that distinguishes itself from others in the high industrialization by an affordable and fair price returning the local effort and creativity.

Our vision

Slow fashion, exclusive designs, innovation in the treatment of patterns and the combination of the garments without any ties and sizes, copyright collections and timeless themes. Selected, natural colours and textiles. Handmade complements and textile items for decoration, which inspire a sentiment and enrich inspiration.

Our values

Dedication and perfect taste for the work we are implementing, honesty with our friends and clients, cooperation and impetus towards the artisans and designers who share our initiative.

Permanent investigation and further development of the original products.